McTimoney Animal Therapy

Is your horse or dog acting or feeling different to normal or has their behaviour changed recently?

If the answer is yes then it could be that they are suffering from back, neck, pelvic or other musculoskeletal problems and need some specialist McTimoney treatment.

The McTimoney technique is a gentle, extremely effective, holistic therapy  that  helps  to restore and maintain health and to optimise movement and flexibility of the musculo-skeletal system  with special attention to:

• The spine and pelvis and all associated joints

• Alignment and balance of the musculoskeletal system

• Soundness and performance development

• Maintenance and injury rehabilitation.

All treatment of animals is currently regulated under the Veterinary Act and anyone using the McTimoney techique must hold the required qualifications.

Horse Riding

This means that before your animal is treated using the McTimoney method Veterinary permission must be obtained, this can usually be obtained over the phone. Many vets are aware of the benefits of complimentary therapy and are happy to give permission as long as the practitioner is a suitably qualified professional.

My name is Jane Baker and I am a fully qualified and insured McTimoney Animal Practitioner. Please call me on 07836 799037 to discuss your animals particular behaviour.